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Matilda Jane Fashion Show

We are celebrating! This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Kimberly McNabb Photography, and we are kicking off the celebration year with a fashion show of the absolute cutest photo clothing for little girls.

There will be precious little girls showing off the newest spring line along with delicious cupcakes, pink punch, champaign and more yummy refreshments. Dance to the music, shop the clothing and lets celebrate you being a part of my 10 years in the most fun and rewarding job ever.

If you have never owned this clothing, you are missing out because not only is it adorable in pictures, but it is so comfortable and well made. Loralai can still wear all of her baby dresses as shirts, and they still look as good as day 1. Mixing and matching the line is so much fun. Happy and Free – spring 2016 – see it here –  adorable MJ video

March 4th 6 pm at the studio.

Matilda Party

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A Royal Celebration | Morrilton, AR

What 3rd birthday is complete without princesses, tea parties and lipstick? Loralai celebrated her 3rd birthday with her princess cousins at a royal tea party based on the classic Snow White film. The girls wore Disney dresses, bracelets and lipstick while they enjoyed apple cupcakes, m&m trinkets and delicious ring pops. Their wine of choice was apple juice or royal blue punch. The main cake was made by my future sister in law Rebecca, and I made the song bird cookies.



7th Birthday Party

My little Layne turned seven last week, and we celebrated with his first school friend party. He chose the theme How to Train Your Dragon, and we went the easy route. Kids had fun and Mom’s budget was still intact.

A birthday boy at seven is fairly easy to please. Give them blow up swords from Birthday Express, and they are happy. I am also a huge Dollar Tree fan. We scored How to Train Your Dragon coloring books, books and all the black tableware.  My very talented someday-sister-in-law, Rebecca, made Layne this amazing cake; isn’t it awesome? This year was no Pinterest party, but there was zero stress and happy kids. Love it, love him!


Corporate Headshot Week

Need a new business headshot? Next week is the week to get that done. Come by Wednesday or Thursday 9 – 3 (Feb 17 and 18). No appointment needed. $50 plus tax gets you a new digital headshot to use for marketing. Session fee is waved. 501-354-7974 for questions.

corportate week

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Top 10 Prom Dress Retailers in Central Arkansas

The results are in from my unofficial poll, and we have the top 10 prom dress retailers you said you loved to shop for your big event.

  1. Danielle’s in Clarksville
  2. First Impressions in Jacksonville
  3. Nouri Formals in Little Rock
  4. Deb’s Fashion Outlet in Clinton
  5. Buffies All the Rage Little Rock
  6. Emerge in Conway
  7. EM Jeans in Conway
  8. David’s Bridal in Little Rock
  9. Rendezvous in Russellville
  10. Bridal Cottage in North Little Rock 

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Toddler bed transition

When should you move your not so little baby to a big bed and how do you make the move?

After the one year celebration, you might feel excited for a change and to see your toddler grow. Don’t rush the big girl bed though. With my son we moved to a twin bed at 20 months. He was the best sleeper in his baby bed, but once he had new freedom that changed. Going to sleep was harder, but what was worse was that he ended up in our bed mid night. Now that he’s seven, I suppose I treasure those nights snuggling with him, but I would rather it be on my authority not his.

Now for my very unique daughter, I kept her in her baby bed until she was 14 years old. Okay not really 14 but over 2 and half. We simply turned the crib into a toddler bed, and she had new found freedom. She goes to bed, says good night and then begins playing. We find her in the craziest clothing and accessories after she passes out. She does stay in bed all night, but the getting to sleep is a challenge.

Overall I would suggest staying in the crib as long as they are comfortable or are potty trained and need to be able to go freely to the bathroom. Then make the new bed a big deal and special privilege. What suggestions do you have for keeping toddlers in bed once given the new freedom?