Easter Sunday Snapshots

Easter is this Sunday and there will be lots of snapshots fired, so here are some tips to get the best pictures from your camera and phone.

iPhone or the other guy – for indoor pictures always face your kiddos toward a window or door. If not possible toward any light source is better than light behind. Go ahead try it – take one with the light in the background and one with light behind camera and see the difference.

With any camera always zoom in or get close; every pic doesn’t need your whole room in the background. Remove clutter from the background too.

Get down on your child’s level; I always kneel or put them up on a table.

Lets go outside – outside in bright light is always better, so if you can step out go for it. Find a dark background in the shade. I have a row of red tip bushes I always take snapshots in front of – looks professionally lit most of the time. Getting in the shade does two things – one the kids are not squinting and two there is no splotchy or half light.

Follow these tips and you will have some pretty Easter snapshots. Have a wonderful holiday.