Out with the old; in with the new

Our downtown community skyline changes today as the Sacred Heart Catholic School tears down the 1950s building that most recently housed Kindergarten as well as other classrooms and offices. The building originally was a home for nuns and became the Kindergarten classroom in 1984. 

A very cool story comes from one of my clients, Carey Ruff. Carey was among the first Kindergarten class to be held in this building known as the convent in 1984. Now here in 2017 her daughter’s class was the last Kindergarten class to learn inside the walls of the historic building. 

I attended Kindergarten in the convent in 1986, and my son Layne was there in 2014. I still smell familiar aromas that take me right back to that place when I was a young five year old. 

Many parents and parishioners are calling the change bittersweet since seeing the building go is sad. However the work, donations and prayers that have gone into the Captial Campaign to build a new building and expand the church are amazing and inspirational. The church community is excited to move toward the future. 

I was able to save a special item from the convent that will become our newest prop in the outdoor studio. These iron stairs were a focal point for many years and used in a great number of photographs. I’m excited to be able to keep them in use for many more years.