Happy New Year

Is the virus gone yet; it’s 2021!

I began 2020 in a big scary yet exciting place. I had finally got brave enough to move my business out of the building we had built into a lovely studio and back into my original studio. I had no idea the wall that was about to hit all of us!

God’s guidance and timing is just so crazy to me. The studio was closed for 4 months due to Covid-19, and I was so thankful to be located in my overhead-free location.

But you know things came back alive, and all of my wonderful clients gladly drove those extra 10 miles to our country location. I actually fell in love with working next to my home. For now my search for a new city location is on hold. I love it here!

I hope you have a happy New Year, one filled with low stress and numerous laughs; few tears and much success. 😘