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10 Steps to a Stress-free Family Session | Central AR Photographer


Raise your hand if having family portraits done is the modern day form of torture for you. My hand is up! Yes, it is hard and stressful and over whelming. When clients show up, half the time they are angry with each other and need a nap. Next time will be better with the following steps.

  1. BOOK EARLY Schedule your sessions months in advance so you get the best selection of dates for your family. You have plenty of time to take off work if necessary, and you will want to do some shopping. Booking early also allows you time to set a savings plan into place to be able to focus on what you want from the portraits and not only what you can afford.
  2. PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND MAKEUP Mom you deserve this! Schedule yourself professional hair and makeup. Getting everyone ready means you get the time that’s left. You will love the way you look. Allow plenty time to get home and get your family ready.
  3. OUTFITS Find one person, usually a daughter or mom, a “wild card” outfit that has multiple colors. You then match the rest of the family around that outfit. We have a complete guide on clothing to help with this step. When I say outfit, that is head to toe including bows, shoes, jewelry, everything. Many times most of this can be found at home, don’t feel as though you have to buy all new. And do not order clothing within a week of the session. Make sure it will be in days before for ironing.
  4. REMIND DAD Not all dad’s are like this but many are. They need to be reminded weekly of this session, maybe daily the week of.
  5. DISCIPLINE This varies greatly by child age. Babies and toddlers are just that. You can’t predict so you have to go with it. Make every effort to get good food and naps for them. For pre-school to school age, talk to your children about how important this is to you. Make plans for how to celebrate after the session whether you are a reward parent or just a family activity at home after. Something to look forward to if they do well for you.
  6. PACK Two nights before, not one but two, pack. Every accessory, baby items, hair items, anything you might need. Pack it all. All clothing is laid out, ironed and ready. Don’t wait until the night before incase something pops up.
  7. EARLY Everyone begins the getting ready process early. If you take 1 hour to get ready, then get ready 3 hours early. Everyone should be ready to walk out the door an hour early. Last minute rushing creates the most stress. Then plan to arrive 15 minutes early. This should accommodate any traffic issues.
  8. ARIVAL Once here, take a few moments to think. Did you put on all accessories you planned, are the kids dressed correctly. Look everyone over and yourself.
  9. BEHAVIOR Remember I work with children, I’ve seen it all so don’t worry too much about what the kids do or say, relax. Unless they are destroying my studio haha!
  10. SMILE Now just follow direction, relax again and smile. I will talk to the children and get the emotion, you stay focused on the camera or whatever our focal point.

YOU DID IT! You will have accomplished something big and all thats left is to enjoy it for the rest of your life!

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Want a Big-Ticket Vacation Annually?


Welcome to 2018, the month of resolutions, budgets, and plans. Do you ever wonder how your friend or coworker can have lavish family vacations year after year? Are you looking at finances and telling yourself there is no way? Hang on just a minute – there may be.

Print out your bank statements and start adding. Where is your money going? Not the big expenses but how about all those small purchases. The 5, 10 or 20 dollars here and there for unnecessary items. Ever go to the store and get a pile of “crap” only to hear “that will be $107.99”? Guess what – those little amounts add up. Go on, add up those fast food receipts, Starbucks, Sonic, pedicures, tanning….

Now lets study the big stuff. Seriously consider what you are paying for that is not a necessity. Boat, country club membership, high end vehicles, entertainment… Now I understand these things may be important but here is the a-ha moment – you are choosing to value X over Y, and the result may be that you can’t afford Y.  Everyone has priorities in which they choose to spend their “want” money.

So let us say you come to the realization you are throwing away a lot of money on little wants. Maybe you realize those 5, 10 and 20 dollar wants added up to $500 in one month. If the money is there you will spend it, so here is your solution. On pay day, $100-$200 gets transferred to the special vacation savings account. $500 is a good amount to save. If you get paid weekly, $100 a week almost gets you there. If you and your spouse get paid weekly, only $50 from each check. As for my family, if we don’t move that money, we spend that money. In the vacation account, we will not touch it.

What if you are the family spending X and wanting Y? You have to make choices. What do you want most. Those people you see vacationing have chosen to make vacations their X and perhaps they are sacrificing in other areas that make up their Y. Of coarse maybe they just have a huge green budget, but those are not the people we are talking about here.

Every family handles budgets differently, so apply these suggestions to the way you handle money. In my studio career, I hear so often we could never afford nice portraits. Yes you can, save up for whatever it is you want. You have to make what you want a priority; we can’t have our cake and eat it too.  Happy New Year and happy saving.

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Lemonade Inspiration

“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” … I love this quote! The world is such a big and scary place that most of us can look at any problem we come up against and feel blessed that we have what we have and are not dealing with someone else’s sadness. I see such strong people dealing so well with whatever card they are dealt, and I only hope I could be that brave.

The quote makes me realize my own personal triumph also – growing up a secret fear of mine was always not being able to conceive. I don’t even know why it was on my mind early, but I always knew I would be a mother. No medical news could stop me from the children I saw in my future, and God gave me two of the most beautiful children, surpassing my every expectation.

Life is what you make of it – go out and make yours awesome!


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Wall Art Contest

Our Wall Art Contest did end with a winner, however the announcement got delayed due to Loralai’s early arrival. While Brittney knew she one, we haven’t announced the news here yet. Ally’s display in the bed head board her dad made one first place and will receive a $100 gift certificate. Everyone who entered the contest will get a $25 gift certificate!! Surprised? Well I thank you for taking the time to share your art. Here are some of the top entries.



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Easter Mini Session

Easter is March 31st this year and I want you to have your Easter art work for a week or two before to enjoy them. For this reason our mini session is Friday afternoon, March 1st and Saturday morning, March 2nd. We are once again borrowing one of those sweet bunnies who have visited us in the past, so your child will be excited about the live animal.

Mini sessions have no session fee, last 15 minutes, include one outfit and siblings only per session. The collections range from $50 to $200. For details email us To book call us with a credit card to pay $50 towards your order. 501-354-7974.



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ACH: A Birthday of Birthdays, 100 years

Arkansas Children’s Hospital is celebrating 100 years of care, love and hope. This week a behind the scenes documentary will air state wide showcasing the hospital’s 100 years. The first air date is tonight at 7pm on KATV. I consider us extremely privileged to have an amazing pediatric hospital right here saving lives and giving hope every day. For this reason, we hold two fundraisers each year, Silly Monsters and Santa Open House, where you and I together donate to the ACH Foundation. I cannot fathom the fear and pain that so many families at ACH experience, but I know that just our small studio alone can’t count the number of our clients who have been touched by this hospital. It truly is amazing. Has your life been changed by ACH, tell us your story in the comments section below.

Other air dates:

March 7, 8pm KTHV

March 8, 8pm KNWA

March 10 6:30pm KNWA, KHBS/KHOG

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Modern Family Mini

Is your family non-traditional? Make plans to join us for the Modern Family Mini Saturday, November 20th when we toss the vintage red sofa in the field of tall grass and casually capture fun portraits of your family. Photo products are a great gift idea for family members. Everyone loves a nice framed portrait or other photo product such as calendars, brag books and jewelry. This mini session has special collections and pricing. We have a limited amount of openings so email or call for details.

November 13th we will have Timeless Family mini in front of the tree and fireplace.