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Lemonade Inspiration

“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” … I love this quote! The world is such a big and scary place that most of us can look at any problem we come up against and feel blessed that we have what we have and are not dealing with someone else’s sadness. I see such strong people dealing so well with whatever card they are dealt, and I only hope I could be that brave.

The quote makes me realize my own personal triumph also – growing up a secret fear of mine was always not being able to conceive. I don’t even know why it was on my mind early, but I always knew I would be a mother. No medical news could stop me from the children I saw in my future, and God gave me two of the most beautiful children, surpassing my every expectation.

Life is what you make of it – go out and make yours awesome!


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Guess what last year’s Wizard of Oz Cast is dressed as this year….

If you will remember my kids and their cousins dressed as the characters of the Wizard of Oz last year. This year we grew by two and became the characters of Peter Pan. We have Maddix and Zoey as mermaids. Next is Jayleah as Tiger Lilly and Loralai as Tinkerbell. Layne is Peter Pan, and Ava is Wendy. Finally the pirate Finlee and Caden as Captain Hook.

Peter Pan


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Happy Birthday

We had a first birthday last week and a 3rd birthday today.

Chloe turned one on Thursday. Hope you had a great birthday Chloe!



Today is Jonah’s 3rd birthday. We took his pictures on a day he wasn’t feeling so good, but his mom still loved the pictures. This was the 3rd set in his planes, trains and automobiles photo theme.

2 pic Untitled-1


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Wall Art Contest

Our Wall Art Contest did end with a winner, however the announcement got delayed due to Loralai’s early arrival. While Brittney knew she one, we haven’t announced the news here yet. Ally’s display in the bed head board her dad made one first place and will receive a $100 gift certificate. Everyone who entered the contest will get a $25 gift certificate!! Surprised? Well I thank you for taking the time to share your art. Here are some of the top entries.



All, Connections, Newborn, Pitter Patter, Tiny Tots

Easter Mini Session

Easter is March 31st this year and I want you to have your Easter art work for a week or two before to enjoy them. For this reason our mini session is Friday afternoon, March 1st and Saturday morning, March 2nd. We are once again borrowing one of those sweet bunnies who have visited us in the past, so your child will be excited about the live animal.

Mini sessions have no session fee, last 15 minutes, include one outfit and siblings only per session. The collections range from $50 to $200. For details email us To book call us with a credit card to pay $50 towards your order. 501-354-7974.