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Scholarship Recipient Announced

We recently decided to award a $100 scholarship to one of our 70 seniors.Each 2012 senior who had senior portraits done at Kimberly McNabb Photography was eligible. Seniors applied by writing a testimonial about their session and the scholarship was awarded to the best overall testimonial based on grammar, details, and uniqueness.  Lauren Baugh was named the recipient of the Kimberly McNabb Photography Scholarship. Lauren is a senior at Nemo Vista High School and will attend the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton in the fall. Congratulations Lauren!


Scholarship – Senior 2012

For the first time, we are awarding a scholarship to one of our 2012 seniors. Any 2012 senior who came to our studio for senior pictures is eligible to apply for the $100 scholarship. We attempted to email all of our seniors, however we didn’t have email addresses on some of you. So if you want details on how to apply, check you or your parents email. If you did not receive the email, contact Good luck and congratulations on your graduation!

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Senior Videos

Seniors who invest a certain amount on their senior portraits get a “mi-video” posted on Facebook. I have loaded several and below are the links. You will really enjoy seeing some of these great images, so go check them out when you have time. Leave comments to make these high school seniors feel good about themselves!

Rebecca from Sacred Heart

Jordana from Nemo Vista

Jade from Nemo Vista

Breanna from Morriton

Brandon from Wonderview

Alli from Morrilton

Payton from Morrilton

Alex from Pottsville

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New Outdoor Studio

Our new outdoor studio, which has been in the works for almost two years, is near completion. We still have some painting and decorating to do, but below is a sample of what’s to come. The set was designed with seniors in mind, however you’ll see it is precious for toddlers and school age kids too.