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Prom 2017 | Central Arkansas photographer

MHS-0064For the last several weeks, we have been celebrating prom with our senior spokesmodels. WOW – at the beautiful dresses and girls. The guys in their sharp tuxes have been so cooperative and fun.

Prom has become a HUGE deal for high school students everywhere, so I thought just for fun, we’d find out where prom came from.

MHS-0107“The why of prom’s origin story is simple to answer. Prom, short for promenade, “the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party,” began in the mid- to late 1800s at colleges and universities in the Northeast to promote social etiquette and manners in each year’s graduating class.” Who knew right? I went on the red “Early citations of prom link it to the annual Ivy League tradition of “‘presentation week,’ during which formal dress and dancing accompanied a promenade concert.” After the turn of the century, prom events expanded to high schools, as well, for much the same reason they were started on the university level.”

I also found this article from Teen Vogue interesting – How five countries celebrate prom

These spokesmodels below have all booked their official senior portrait session for early summer. If you have a 2018 senior, the time to book is now, beat that summer heat. BOOK NOW

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Graduation – what to wear Morrilton, AR photographer

As we lead up to graduation, what should you wear under your grad gown? I attempted to look back to see what I wore, but I was only photographed in my cap and gown.  Probably a good thing. 

I found this great artical that offers some good tips on clothing and shoes for your big day. My favorite “try not to go too sexy, you don’t need grandma seeing everything that you’re workin’ with!” Ha! Isn’t that the truth? What to wear for graduation


Out with the old; in with the new

Our downtown community skyline changes today as the Sacred Heart Catholic School tears down the 1950s building that most recently housed Kindergarten as well as other classrooms and offices. The building originally was a home for nuns and became the Kindergarten classroom in 1984. 

A very cool story comes from one of my clients, Carey Ruff. Carey was among the first Kindergarten class to be held in this building known as the convent in 1984. Now here in 2017 her daughter’s class was the last Kindergarten class to learn inside the walls of the historic building. 

I attended Kindergarten in the convent in 1986, and my son Layne was there in 2014. I still smell familiar aromas that take me right back to that place when I was a young five year old. 

Many parents and parishioners are calling the change bittersweet since seeing the building go is sad. However the work, donations and prayers that have gone into the Captial Campaign to build a new building and expand the church are amazing and inspirational. The church community is excited to move toward the future. 

I was able to save a special item from the convent that will become our newest prop in the outdoor studio. These iron stairs were a focal point for many years and used in a great number of photographs. I’m excited to be able to keep them in use for many more years. 


Easter Bath bombs

We are all into our bath bombs right now, right? I decided to try my hand at making some in Easter egg shapes to put in my kids baskets this year. Here is the link I followed for Easter egg bath bombs, but let me tell you what not to do.

The directions call for 2 teaspoons of essential oil – this is a lot! I believe you could try with 1 tsp or less. Second, this oil is extremely strong in such a big quantity. I would mix in a well ventilated area or outside.

Next area I failed was the “too much water will ruin your mix.” My mix never seemed wet enough, so I ended up gradually added quite a bit of water. In the end it was too much and mine did not stick together so be patient when mixing.

Other that th

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Let’s Party – Graduation Party Planning

We are nearing graduation; have you started planning the party? Don’t look away if you don’t have a graduate, these ideas will help you with any party planning.


Graduation coincides with wedding season, therefore if you plan to hire a caterer or order a cake this is the time to book those type of services. The time to order graduation announcements also falls around the eight week mark. Feel free to include information about your party in with the formal announcement.

7023aeb0574d19f9cfeb7a89e089fc1a7 WEEKS BEFORE

Fun stuff – time to order decorations, plan activities, and decide on games. Search local and online venders for the best deals. Ordering now with will allow out of stock items to arrive in time. Paper products should be scoped out, but wait to buy until you have a better idea of how many guests you expect. Seeing these fun party items laying around might just encourage your graduate to study hard.


This week won’t cost you a dime, just time. This is the week to get your invitation list made and addresses gathered. Hand write or make a spreadsheet, but this task must be done.


Your guest list is made, so let’s get those announcements out in the mail. Addressing, stuffing, and sealing is great task to sit and complete with your graduate over good conversation in this busy world.


This week is all about the food. Plan your meal or snacks and write a grocery list. Plan food that can be prepared ahead of time to lower the stress of the big day.


Now take time to confirm all details – the caterer, cake, venue, entertainment; anyone your have booked for your party. Even if you have called on family members to do a task, double check and remind them. Now that you have an idea of who is coming, go ahead and purchase your paper products. Take time to make sure your graduate is doing ok, the last weeks can be overwhelming.

diy-graduation-party-ideas1 WEEK BEFORE

Go grocery shopping! Also make any last minute purchases a few days before. Keep the days leading up to the party as free as possible. All DIY projects should be done this week, and not on the decorating day. Have decorating supplies on hand such as pins, command strips, tape, scissors, extension cords, glue gun, and ladder.

Check out this fun DIY decoration projects at Robb Restyle.


Prep any food you can ahead of time, and if you are hosting, tidy up. Decorate and set up chairs and tables. Check off as much as you can early to clear up your big day.


The work is done, now try to relax and enjoy. This is the hardest step for me, I stress out on party day. You need to enjoy the day, especially if its graduation we are talking about. Let people help so you can celebrate.

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As my social media followers know, I have been at the beach learning with 500+ of the nations most talented senior photographers. The entire event was amazing – crazy fun, mind blowing and motivational. But even better – I won one of the top prizes of the entire convention (I’ll tell you what in a minute), and 5 minutes ago I found out my best friend won an in studio workshop!! BEST TRIP EVER!

So what did I win? Well there is this “rock star” photographer blowing the nation away with her amazing style, branding and marketing. My friends and I wanted to meet her badly and take a selfie, but we were scared … day 1 – too chicken … day 2 – still afraid … finally after about 47 hours Tara just went up, and we were talking to her! Taking a selfie with her! And guess what – the nicest person ever. I felt like we were friends at the end. I’ll just skip over the part where we walked away and saw our “professional” iPhone picture was blurry, don’t worry we got another one because she’s awesome.  The photographer is Teri Fode from Northern California, and she was invited to speak to the group all day on Monday. She gave away a 2 hour mentoring session and marketing calendar – she pulled my name out of 512. I was so shocked, and I can’t wait to work with Teri.

I feel so blessed that God lead me to this group. I’m inspired and can’t wait to make sure every one of my 2018 seniors feel as beautiful and amazing as they are. If you are interest in booking your 2018 senior session follow this link to my website and lets talk. I will only book 35 seniors this summer so grab your spot today. My Website

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Baby Reid | Morrilton, AR newborn photographer

Happy New Year to my wonderful clients! Thank you for making 2016 an amazing year, and I’m so excited for all 2017 holds. I hope your holiday and entire year was blessed and wish you the best things to come.

A little bit of the highlight of my 2016 is right here for you to check out – baby Reid was welcomed into our family in November. Isn’t he a doll?!

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Brice, 2017 Senior | Center Ridge AR

I shared Brice’s video on Facebook, but here are his family’s favorite images from his session. Brice was our only male on our Senior Street Team, and he did great. He endured not one but two prom sessions and a lengthy senior session. All his cooperation was worth it. Take a look.