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As my social media followers know, I have been at the beach learning with 500+ of the nations most talented senior photographers. The entire event was amazing – crazy fun, mind blowing and motivational. But even better – I won one of the top prizes of the entire convention (I’ll tell you what in a minute), and 5 minutes ago I found out my best friend won an in studio workshop!! BEST TRIP EVER!

So what did I win? Well there is this “rock star” photographer blowing the nation away with her amazing style, branding and marketing. My friends and I wanted to meet her badly and take a selfie, but we were scared … day 1 – too chicken … day 2 – still afraid … finally after about 47 hours Tara just went up, and we were talking to her! Taking a selfie with her! And guess what – the nicest person ever. I felt like we were friends at the end. I’ll just skip over the part where we walked away and saw our “professional” iPhone picture was blurry, don’t worry we got another one because she’s awesome.  The photographer is Teri Fode from Northern California, and she was invited to speak to the group all day on Monday. She gave away a 2 hour mentoring session and marketing calendar – she pulled my name out of 512. I was so shocked, and I can’t wait to work with Teri.

I feel so blessed that God lead me to this group. I’m inspired and can’t wait to make sure every one of my 2018 seniors feel as beautiful and amazing as they are. If you are interest in booking your 2018 senior session follow this link to my website and lets talk. I will only book 35 seniors this summer so grab your spot today. My Website

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Brice, 2017 Senior | Center Ridge AR

I shared Brice’s video on Facebook, but here are his family’s favorite images from his session. Brice was our only male on our Senior Street Team, and he did great. He endured not one but two prom sessions and a lengthy senior session. All his cooperation was worth it. Take a look.

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Gracie Sr. 2017 Wonderview | Central AR photographer

In 1999 I graduated high school, and just one month later a baby girl was born who would soon come into my life and become my first niece. Talk about feeling old this year, she’s a senior! How did that even happen when yesterday she was 2 and feeding apples to her horse was her only desire. She was unique then and still is today. Gracie is beautiful and this video is a perfect reflection of her personality and passions. Take a look.

Gracie Senior 2017

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Toni, Sacred Heart 2017 Senior| Morrilton, AR

Toni, our senior street team rep from Sacred Heart, was photographed at our outdoor studio this summer. Isn’t she beautiful! Thanks Toni, your images turned out awesome.

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Kayla, Senior 2017 | Wonderview High School

What a roller coaster of a summer this pretty girl had! She lets her faith shine in her positive attitude and uses her beautiful smile often. She was full of fun and laughs at her session, and you can see in the images what a ball we had. Give Kayla some love!

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Ashton Senior 2017 | Morrilton High School

I’ve been dying to show Ashton’s session. She totally skipped the in studio and took me to these lovely places. We had a blast taking these, she looked amazing and they turned out beautiful.

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Amber Senior 2017 | Central, AR Photographer

You have seen Amber here before, as she is one of our 2017 senior models. Her session took place on beautiful Petit Jean Mountain. Amber has a beautiful, sweet soul and quietly posed to turn each shot into magic! I just love her pictures and her and her sweet mom! Thank you for sharing your senior year.

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Madison Senior 2017| Morrilton, AR Photographer

My blog here looks like I disappeared but I really didn’t! I have just been super busy this summer with beautiful seniors like Madison. Of coarse every free minute has been spent enjoying summer with my kids.

Madison’s session was loads of fun, she is funny and gorgeous and easy to laugh with. I’m go happy she made me apart of her senior year.

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Kasey + Taylor | Morrilton, AR photographer

Most of you remember Kasey who worked for me the first 5 years of my business; well today is her day, the day she waited almost 10 years for, the day so many people asked when. The answer to when is Kasey getting married – its TODAY!

She and Taylor were married at 4pm in Hattieville among family and friends in a gorgeous setting with smiles and are celebrating the evening as you read this. I’m so happy for them as they start their future together.

My niece Gracie was a beautiful bridesmaid. Both of my nephews were also part of the wedding party as well as my son Layne. Kasey actually answered the call that told us about Layne; she was the first person to know I was a mom.